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To understand something, you must go back to it's origin

Origin of Reiki


Dr Usui Sensei was a Buddhist Monk and family man.

Mikao Usui is famed for rediscovering the universal healing energy used by Buddha and Jesus. In the western world there are many different forms of Reiki going under different names which have been introduced by different Reiki Masters.

While studying the original writings of Buddha he found a healing formula along with symbols.  The next day Dr Usui prepared for his journey to Mount Kurama. He climbed the sacred mountain of Japan, he gathered 21 small stones, placing them in front of him as each day passed he throw one away. On the day when just one stone remained, he became aware of a bright light falling from the heavens straight into his body. Small bubbles floated around him, each with a golden symbol inside, just like the ones to had previously seen in the Buddha's writings.

The uncomfortable feelings from the result of meditating for 21 days had disappeared, he felt refreshed and with great urgency and enthusiasm wanted to share this new knowledge.

Dr Usui was a compassionate man and wanted to help the needy and the poor, during this work he learnt an important lesson. While you could heal the physical body, without healing the Spirit too there was no balance. The people had not learnt the appreciation of living a different way of life.

He returned to Tokyo to teach people who wanted to learn more, he taught them to heal themselves and also gave them the 5 Precepts to help heal their thoughts.

During this time his fame for healing and his spiritual teachings grew, more and more people travelled to his clinic to obtain healing and learn how to heal themselves. The knowledge had also reached the Japanese Imperial Navy, at this time they had few medical officers but a great many men in need of medical attention. The navy sent 3 of their Medical Officers to Dr Usui's clinic to learn his healing methods. One of the Navy Officers was Chujiro Hayashi.

Dr Hayashi became deeply involved in the clinic's work and the practice of Reiki, towards the end of Usui Sensei's life he initiated Dr Hayashi and a few others as Reiki Masters so they could continue his work. When on March 9th 1926 Dr Mikao Usui Died aged 62 he passed his work to Dr Chujiro Hayashi.

Along the way, teachers and practitioners have changed and adapted Reiki, introduced new teachings and ideas, and at times, combined it with New Age ideas. Reiki has also become primarily known for its hands-on healing. However, the Japanese tradition of Reiki was developed as a spiritual practice including meditation, mantras and mindfulness of which healing was only a part.

Stone Medicine Origin
Stones are the Laboratory of All Possibilities." Ge Hong

Stone Medicine is based on the knowledge that everything has a living vibration and the Earth is our greatest source of wisdom and healing. The Taoist lineage honors that we are nature and already have everything we need inside us. Stones are allies, mirrors if you will, helping our souls to upgrade our blueprint for awakened consciousness and health. Cultivating a relationship with these beings through intention and ritual will unlock their deep soul medicine.

These teachings date back to Taoist matriarch Lady Wei (252-334) who formed the Shangqing School focused on meditation and visualization techniques to promote inner clarity and trust in one’s own heart. As well as Ge Hong (283-343) who would be named the Father Of Stone Medicine for his exploration and dedication to the alchemy of working with plants, minerals, and metals. These traditions have been carried down through the generations and reach us today through Jeffrey C. Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist Priest of The Jade Purity Lineage. Stone Medicine has been held close in the oral tradition of his lineage but he felt called to bring this wisdom to the west. 

Zen Stones in Water.jpg