My journey began when I faced some destructive parts of myself and reclaimed territory in my life. My husband and father of our four month old son was killed in July 1996. This tragedy led me to a life riddled with apathy and an anesthetized soul.  The loss catapulted me into complete bankruptcy – emotionally, spiritually and physically. I fought and wrestled with my grief and numbness throughout the last 20 years. That’s when Reiki entered my life and my transformation and reemergence began.

In retrospect, I realize that these experiences were my initiation to my life’s work. My struggles have been converted into assets that are the alchemy of my soul. These struggles are the tools I use to help other people find their truth and with which I guide them to their path of personal transformation. I own my story today so that my story doesn't own me. It’s important to understand where I’ve been, and where I am today, so I can know where I’m going. I try to orient myself to the good, embrace the good with the bad.


I often say I didn’t choose this path, it chose me. Reiki opened the door to both a universal healing energy that is available to all of us, and reconnected me with an innate and intuitive healing ability that was always within me. After that initial experience, my journey with Reiki became personal. I knew that I felt guided to keep healing, releasing, and growing, so I continued to show up for myself, welcoming the energy to do its beautiful work on me. After about a year and a half, I had gone through all three levels to Master, and loved how it heightened and amplified my life.

Once I got my bearings from all of the changes the healing was bringing into my life, I began to offer healing sessions to others. Working with other people gave me more opportunities to witness the loving, holistic, and wise way in which Reiki works. It gave me the experience to understand more about the power of energy healing and the potential it has for each of us personally, as well as, collectively.

My healing practice, spiritual growth and personal development as a Reiki Master allows me to be a healthy vessel for others to receive Reiki's natural healing properties. It is the spiritually guided energy that is the healer, not me. Daily life has become my living workshop embodied by Reiki and this moment has become my life.

Certified Master Usui Holy Fire®Karuna®Practitioner/Teacher~ William Rand ~  (Usui~Rand Lineage)

Certified Master Reiki Practitioner ~ Kali Ki Lineage*

Certified Stone Medicine Practitioner ~ Aromatherapist ~ Life Celebrant ~ Life Transition Coach

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything."

​ Lao Tzu